A Healthy Dairy Drink for all Families

100% produced in New Zealand, Vogel’s Whole Milk Powder is made using high quality milk from predominantly pasture-fed cows that graze outdoors all year round.

Alfred Vogel’s believed that maintaining good health is tied to living in harmony with nature. He advocated the balanced use of powerful natural foods to achieve optimum health. Pure and natural New Zealand milk has amazing taste and nutrition for  good health and nourishment.

  • A source of protein, necessary for normal growth and development in children aged 4 years and over

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, Vogel’s Milk Powder is suitable for drinking every day as part of a healthy diet

  • Vogel's whole milk powder is a good source of calcium



  • Enhances bone mineral density when consumed as part of a diet high in calcium

  • Contributes to normal growth and development in children

  • Is necessary for normal teeth and bone structure 


100% Made in NZ

The sustainable farming philosophy and rigorous dairy farm operation standards have helped New Zealand become the leading country for supplying best quality milk around the world.

The entire manufacturing process complies with New Zealand and Chinese regulations and every batch is tested and certified by an independent laboratory to all relevant Government standards.



100%新西兰原装进口,Vogel’s 的全脂奶粉采用高品质的牛奶,奶源来自以草饲为主的完全放养的新西兰乳牛。

阿尔弗雷德·沃格尔 坚信与自然协调地生活才能保证健康的体魄。他倡导人们均衡地摄取自然给予我们的食物从而保持我们身体的最佳健康状态。源自纯净而天然的新西兰牛奶可以给您的健康和滋养提供又好喝又有营养的饮品。


  • 提供蛋白质,为4岁及以上儿童成长发育提供必须营养

  • 富含维他命和矿物质,Vogel’s全脂奶粉适合每日作为健康饮食的一部分

  • Vogel’s 全脂奶粉富含钙质



  • 增强骨密度

  • 辅助孩子的成长和发育

  • 是维护牙齿健康和骨骼发育的必需品


天然纯净    均衡营养

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100% 原装进口


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 整个生产过程符合新西兰和中国的法规规定, 每一批次的产品都通过第三方专业检验机构检验,完全符合新西兰政府对乳品的安全要求。

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100% Milk Powder from New Zealand

Nutritional Information

  Avg. Quantity Per Serving (200ml) 平均每次食用量 (200毫升) Nutrient Reference Value Per Serving 每次食用平均营养 Avg. Quantity Per 100ml 每100毫升量
Energy 523kJ 6% 261kJ
Protein, total 6.3g 10% 3.1g
Fat, Total 7.1g 12% 3.6g
- saturated 4.6g 23% 2.3g
Carbohydrate 9.8g 3% 4.9g
Lactose 9.8g 4.9g
Sodium 70mg 3% 35mg
Calcium 238mg 29% 119mg

Serving Size: 200ml (25g milk powder, 180ml water)

每次食用:200毫升 (25克 奶粉,180毫升水)

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